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"I am trying to get a replacement gas fireplace for my mom, and we gave Jager about seven chances, where anyone sensible would have given up after three. After visiting the showroom I sent them the measurements they asked for and over the next few weeks they didn’t respond to numerous calls and texts asking whether they needed anything else.. . I started fresh and made an appointment for them to come to Mom’s and take measurements themselves and they stood us up after having us wait the entire morning, then postponed until yesterday morning at 8, then didn’t show up for that either. NO CALL, NO TEXT - just didn't show up. I wanted to work with Jager because they are local and have been recommended, but I am forced to move on."
L . P from Old Saybrook, CT on December 7th, 2017
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"Laurie-Jager Professional Gas services ceased operations December 2017 and was merged into Mr Appliance of Old Saybrook in April of 2018. I apologize for you trying to obtain our services but we had closed the business and regrouped in early 2018. Please reconsider giving us a try."
- Mr. Appliance
"Marc did a thorough overview of the propane hook up of the gas logs and explained and demonstrated how to use them."
D . D from Old Saybrook, CT on June 22nd, 2017
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"Not thrilled so far. First, they didn't know about the need for an electrician prior to converting my fireplace from wood burning to gas. Next, when the doors that were ordered didn't fit. Waiting for another six weeks for new ones to arrive. So far, I'm not thrilled."
M . H from Madison, CT on January 14th, 2017
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"Hello MaryBeth, I am sorry to hear you did not have a great experience with Jager Gas. I do want to clarify the electrician situation. You did not need any electric to install the log set in your fireplace. Code was if the gas piping is Stainless steal the gas line needs to be electrically bonded. Your gas line is not stainless steal therefore we did not believe at the time it needed to be bonded. However, Madison changed there rules and now require ALL gas lines to be bonded. We unfortunately were not informed of this change until it was inspection time on our new gas line in your home. We have done many, many jobs in Madison and all over CT where if the gas line was copper or black iron we did not have the gas line bonded and it was never an issue. I do apologize your custom Stoll Fireplace doors were not a perfect fit on the first order. You have tricky fireplace measurements, this was another first for us. In all the years we have installed Stoll doors they have never been ordered in the wrong size. Again I apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. Now that your install is 100% completed I hope you are happy and are enjoying your new fireplace. Thank you for doing business with us. From, The Team at Jager Gas"
- Mr. Appliance